Staircase effect

video 3:43

An installation created for a basement art gallery. Found in an old apartment house, the gallery premises also include the courtyard garden. I decided to make use of this site-specific spatial arrangement in my video installation.

The spirit of the staircase refers to ex-post-facto coming up with potential situations, reactions and conversation moves, a phenomenon which mostly occurs after we have quitted the particular space or conversation. In the spirit of the staircase we re-enter occurrences pertaining to the past, namely circumstances preceding the present or our full awareness of it.

The installation features a video recording of a conversation between two figures, which is screened at the same site it was taken, that is, in the gallery garden. I staged the inside of the gallery as an identical garden, including the film lights used in the video. The arriving viewers encountered the video pictures upstairs to be confronted with the same film scene
upon their descent into the gallery basement—namely with a garden featuring film lights—now physically staged. My aim in this installation was at physical representation of a mental occurrence.