– are you telling me, the future continues in the past?

video 3:22

” – are you telling me the future continues in the past?” is inscenated videoinstalation where the video is projected on the 1/3 of the cylinder. I am using optical effect of backrotation which appears when the same segments of rotation reaches the concrete frequency of rotation. It can be seen on the of carriage taken by any digital camera for example – the wheels sometimes seems like turning backward.

Another event is frame reduction which is caused by limitation of norm PAL (25 fps) or in my case by norm NTSC (30 fps). This effect is unavoidable when we want to rotate panorama more than once per a second. At the beginning we can see each frame of panorama (360° x 30fps) and than during acceleration each second frame, third, forth and so on.. At the fastest point of the rotation only three frames will remain which will visually and semantically merge together in symbolical triptych – flower, scissors, pot.

In case, we defines panoramic view like physical object – meant cylinder – we can say cylinder becomes during a flux logically morphing into the n-angle. The whole video is accelerating into the moment where all frames of the video are reduced only to the three significant frames – flower, scissors, pot. In terms of geometrical representation it is transforming into the triangle.
It can be said, this object has emerged like a geometrical reference of frame reduction of the video and, in this way of logic, resulting to the intersection between beginning and final phase of rotation of the video.